The Writers’ Co-op: Set yourself up well for freelancing when you’re full-time


The Writers' Co-op an audio business handbook for freelance creatives. In this episode, Wudan Yan talks with freelance journalist Karen Given about maintaining relationships, understanding the freelance market, building your own brand, and more. "If you consume media, are a media worker, or just happen to pay attention to what’s happening to the media landscape, you might have heard that the industry is having… a bad time, to say the least. Hundreds of reporters and media employees have been laid off this year as newsrooms are shutting down or downsizing. Some who are affected by these cuts try to move on to another full-time job, but other times, a layoff can lead to the freelance life."      


Wudan Yan, Karen Given

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The Writers' Co-op


May 22, 2023