Privacy Policy

Who we are

CASW Connector is a service of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, a nonprofit organization committed to improving the quantity and quality of science news reaching the public. Contact information for CASW and the Connector staff may be found in the page footer. For general inquiries and questions about our privacy practices, email Our main website address is:

Types of data we collect

CASW Connector does not collect personal data on visitors. Connector does use Google Analytics cookies to collect data on user behavior. Cookies, pieces of text sent to your browser, identify you as a unique user so that information about your visit can be remembered.

To enable communication with the Connector staff, users voluntarily provide personal information when they submit a form.

What we do with the data

CASW Connector uses Google Analytics to study user behavior so that we can monitor, assess, and improve the performance of our site. The use of cookies enables Google Analytics to report site usage statistics to CASW without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. “_ga,” the main cookie used by Google Analytics, enables websites such as Connector to distinguish one visitor from another and lasts for two years. Each “_ga” cookie is unique to a specific website, so it cannot be used to track a given user or browser across unrelated websites. CASW does not allow Google to link information about your activity on our sites with activity from sites or apps that use Google ad services.

Google’s privacy policy may be found at Information about how Google uses information from sites using the Google Analytics service may be found at

CASW Connector includes two forms that users can submit: a newsletter signup form and a “Suggest a Resource” form. CASW uses the information submitted on these forms solely to complete the action requested by the user.

CASW does not share any of the personal data collected on forms with third parties. However, these forms are provided by third parties, and those parties have access to certain data collected by the form.

Data submitted in the newsletter signup form, in particular name and email address, are used to facilitate newsletter delivery as requested by the user. The newsletter signup form is hosted by Mailchimp, which maintains mailing lists of newsletter subscribers. Mailchimp’s use and protection of your data are governed by the Intuit Global Privacy Statement:

The “Suggest a Resource” form is provided by Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms’ privacy policy may be found here:

California and EU regulation compliance

You are not required to enable cookies to use the Connector site. CASW uses Osano Cookie Consent to facilitate opt-out for those who wish to avoid cookies. Osano provides a default opt-in dialog for users accessing from California and a set of options compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Aside from the voluntary information submitted on forms as described above, CASW does not process data of European citizens.

Data retention and security

Information submitted on a newsletter signup form is stored securely by Mailchimp, not CASW, and protected by the Intuit global policy. Information submitted on the Suggest a Resource form is retained indefinitely by the Connector staff to continue correspondence with an individual who has suggested a resource. This information is stored on a secure Google Workspace cloud server accessible only to CASW and Connector staff.

What rights you have over your data

If you have submitted personal information on a form, you can request that it be deleted from the Mailchimp and Google Workspace servers. More generally, you can request at any time that we erase any personal data we hold about you, not including any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes. GDPR data access requests may be emailed to

Effective July 11, 2023