The Seedling

“The Uproot Project produces a biweekly newsletter called The Seedling, which is dedicated to keeping members up to date on all things Uproot. In each issue of The Seedling, one of our members writes to our subscribers about an impactful topic or story that is relevant for the Uproot community. Past issues have touched on

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Your Local Epidemiologist

Katelyn Jetelina is an epidemiologist, public health researcher, and science communicator. Her newsletter started early in the pandemic as a way to deliver COVID-19 updates, and has since expanded to other topics such as other infectious diseases, reproductive health, and gun violence. She writes, “My main goal is to “translate” the ever-evolving public health science

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COVID-19 Weather Report

This newsletter from the People’s CDC shares news and updates about COVID-19 and related public health issues. It focuses on “the latest information about how COVID-19 is spreading and the best ways to protect yourself and others from its many effects,” along with new research, commentary, and opportunities for advocacy.

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Scienseed Newsletter

This monthly newsletter, from science and technology communications company Scienseed, delivers news, tools, research updates, and other information for science communicators. Scienseed is an international company based in Spain.

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The Scicommer

Get weekly news, events, jobs and more about science communication, writing, and journalism from UK-based science communication professional Heather Doran.

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