How to pre-bunk climate disinformation


"Researchers studying climate disinformation agree: 'Inoculation' is one of the most effective options for countering it, and the first step toward inoculation is 'pre-bunking,' or warning audiences in advance. In this webinar, co-sponsored by Covering Climate Now and Climate Action Against Disinformation, panelists will discuss ways journalists can get ahead of climate disinformation and 'pre-bunk' it in a way that doesn’t amplify the disinfo or cause unnecessary alarm." Amy Westervelt, investigative climate journalist and executive editor of Drilled Media, moderated the panel. The panelists were Ketan Joshi, communications consultant & author, Phil Newell, Director of Science Defense, Climate Nexus, and Dharna Noor, Fossil Fuels and Climate Reporter, The Guardian.


Covering Climate Now


April 11, 2024