Why We Believe — Framing the disinformation crisis for journalists


"Journalism and democracy have been upended by the growth of mis- and disinformation. Countering it effectively requires understanding why people are susceptible and targeted — and how they can become more resilient. Psychological research can teach journalists how to pre-bunk disinformation and convey credibility in ways that readers, viewers, and listeners can process, which is more essential than ever as Election Day 2024 nears. The National Press Club Journalism Institute, the American Psychological Association, and PEN America produced a program on strategies for coverage that informs and empowers communities and discussed the ways disinformation has affected the practice of journalism." Panelists are: Tiffany Hsu, reporter on the technology team covering misinformation and disinformation, New York Times; Shannon Jankowski, program director, journalism and disinformation for PEN America; Jay Van Bavel, director of the Social Identity & Morality Lab and associate professor of psychology and neural science, New York University. The panel was moderated by Beth Francesco, executive director of the National Press Club Journalism Institute.


National Press Club Journalism Institute, American Psychological Association, PEN America


April 10, 2024