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Tip sheet: Best practices for pitching freelance stories


On January 10, CASW Connector hosted a Chat discussing the best practices for pitching freelance stories, including how to structure your pitch, how to approach new editors, the art of the soft pitch, and much more. The panelists answered attendees’ questions, and participants discussed specific issues about pitching in breakout groups. This event was facilitated by Connector managing editor Kate Travis, and the panelists were: Robin Lloyd, freelance writer and editor, CASW president, and creator and curator of Science media outlets to pitch; Victoria Jaggard, deputy editor, health and science, The Washington Post; Esther Landhuis, freelance science & health journalist; and Debbie Ponchner, editor, Knowable en español, and CASW board member.


CASW Connector


January 15, 2024